Bio and Photo for Hans Johnson

Progressive Victory in the News                     

          *Pop Quiz Profile: Hans Sounds off on Politics, the Arts, and Life in Washington, interview

Is Discrimination Putting a Dent In Michigan's Economy?, commentary

Advocacy Campaign Aimed at Anti-Union, Antigay Official Triggers Overdue Oversight, news column

The Reagan Whom Many Republicans Conveniently Forget, news column

        *Primary Importance: Movements Get Set to Make Impact on Earliest Voting, news column
Running, with Scissors: Fed Role in Voter Cutoffs Haunts Bush & GOP Hopefuls, news column

Progressive Politics Reflect Impact of Falwell's 30-Year Attack, news column

At 100 Days, Progressives Move Congress Toward Discovery, Truth & Fairness, pod-cast

Right-Wing Attacks on Immigrants, Voting Rights Can Backfire on GOP, commentary

         *Women at Every Level Lead Progressive Surge, news column

Religious Right Has A Hand in Scandals Like the Foley Affair, radio interview

         *Ballot Measure Wins Give Blueprint to Progressives, news column  

        *Organizations Successfully Combine Their Power, interview (NPR)

          *Clergy Strengthen Campaigns for Health Care and Fair Wages, news column 

          *Election Mismanagement Distorts Democracy and Sows Distrust, news column  

          *Radical Attack on Civil Rights Betrays Conservatism, news column 

          *Meshing Litigation and Legislative Strategy Leads to Victory, interview

          *Solid Research and Strong Coalitions Stop Extremist Nominees, profile


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