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Harnessing the Power of Lists and Coalitions

One of the most powerful resources that an organization has is its membership list. That list can be used for anything from soliciting donations to mobilizing members.  Easy-to-use advanced technologies can open new doors and create new opportunities for your organization or campaign. We have pioneered effective methods of nonpartisan and partisan voter contact. We have crafted simple, winning methods for voluntary collaboration among coalitions. We can tailor such tools to your needs and help you deploy them every step of the way.

Non-profit groups (501 c3 charities) can be very involved in the democratic process, often more so than their leaders believe.

Bringing the Mosaic of America to Life: Pluralism Wins 

America is a nation founded on the belief that government must evolve over time to achieve equality and justice for all citizens. This ideal can only be achieved if more people are active in the political process. An organization needs a strong grassroots presence. Establishing that presence can seem like a daunting task. But by utilizing a system that  we deliver to you, you will reach new members and supporters and unite a diverse corps of allies to achieve your logistical, legislative, or electoral goal.

Measuring the Progress of Social-Change Movements

Coalitions take actions each day on key priorities. But they face challenges in gauging the lasting change in attitude and local or large-scope impact they achieve. Gleaning the results of coordinated programs calls for strategy and a keen eye for election results and trends across years and state lines. We offer this insight and systematically work toward your goal with you so you can showcase measurable outcomes. For instance:
* Here is one analysis tracking progress on referenda in the past 15 years.
* Here is a state map showing density of groups participating in list enhancement and coordinated advocacy; the coalition, in turn, showed its strength by sharing this with lawmakers.

Even in '04 Ballot Losses, Pro-Gay Coalitions Show Strength with Educated Voters and Those Blessed by Firsthand Familiarity

Swaying Decision-Makers

Elected officials make decisions, but those decisions should reflect a clear sense of history, a vision for the future, and the values of their constituents. Most politicians want to be reelected and will vote in such a way as to secure their jobs at election time.  To make sure your organization's or coalition's message reaches the right decision-makers, you must target them smartly and contact their constituents strategically. The most effective message is usually the simplest. We help you plan, target, advocate, and prevail.         

Building the Beloved Community through Effective, Cutting-Edge Strategies

Martin Luther King believed that a broad civil rights movement could build and sustain a beloved community of shared opportunity and shared responsibility. He envisioned a future where Americans would realize their interconnection with one another and struggle against injustices because their effects diminished all humanity. Bringing this vision to life requires deft advocacy that foregrounds the direct consequences for targeted populations from seemingly unyielding opposition, unchangeable circumstances, obscure policies, or faroff events. It means putting a compelling human face on issues and linking stories to simple actions people can take to secure change. We combine our own and other consultants' skills to apply cultural competency to complex problems. We make the difficult doable for you and your organization.